Wobbler Pointer

Wobbler Lucky Craft Pointer

Craft Pointer series of popular crankbaits minnow fishing from a Japanese brand Lucky. The home of the famous branded B Freeze. Lures are of the type “m”, have an operating depth of 1.5 to 1.2 m. Produced by the manufacturer in 59 colors, equipped with two treble hooks (№№4, 5, 6 and 8); available on the market different models: 48SP, 65SP, 78SP, 100SP, 128SP, different length, which is equal to, respectively, 4.8, 6,5, 7,8, of 10.0 and 12.8, see

Baits of this series are inherent in a powerful and dynamic movement, yaw by the parties in the transaction. Despite the difference in size all lures are able to go far when casting, although the quality of the flight somewhat “smeared” by the presence, under certain conditions, its tumbling in flight.

The design of the lure, near the head, the balancer is made of brass; its location lowers the center of gravity of the lure and, as a consequence, it is, after breakthrough, can make 3…2 the damped amplitude of vibrations. This feature often provokes attack even strongly inhibited fish.

Lures Craft pointer minnow belong to those who “prefer” during each cycle of movement in the transaction “sudden start”. This would normally be done with a jerk-tap tip of the rod after a partial pull tight the line.

For reviews, lure actively playing and even leading: filled up, flirtatiously, before the predator, sideways; if you pull harder – powerful play, and in the final stage of pauses, “like”, shake and amplify the amplitude of oscillations.

Reviews about the lures Lucky Craft pointer

Nizhny Novgorod

I write about Craft Pointer Lucky, more about Pointer 128SP. Coloring mat pumpkin.


Went to him almost 3 years. Started as all beginners with clones; mainly because of their affordable cost. But then slowly realizing they differ from the originals, became a complete Arsenal of the latest. First among them appeared a Pointer 100SP with the colour “Aurora glitter”, and then 128 SP with coloring Mat ripkin. The first chose the second – advised fellow, working in the shop of fishing products.

Fishing pointer 128СП a 1.9-meter spinning Intra (5…28 g test), complete Szymanowski reel of 2500 Sein, a network of 0.17 Nanofil. Wobbler left behind all the trolling, jigging, and even live bait. Fished mostly the toothy pike. Nozzle not cut off the small fry, often comes across a trifle, though the size of the crank and decent. Maybe what you’re doing wrong, did not understand the Dol now. Sometimes I sit instances a little more size voblery.

One of the drawbacks: pointer 128, if you throw against the wind, tumbles in flight, which often leads to the overlap of the cord. The solution is to hard leash without rings and clasps.

Transaction: the pike like this – pull, then a pause, 2 more pulls, longer pause (10 sec.) and repeat. Attack pike followed by a pause, or immediately after it.

Conclusion: for the money it is worth it – a cool Wobbler. Recommend to all, especially to those who like big minoh. Cons flight quality and unstable color.


My array of pointers: hundredths – 2 units, 128-x – 6 pieces Began to catch them (100SP) in the summer of 2013, the colors of MS AmericanShad. The first time I tried on the pencil in the shallow water. Caught 2 casting. The same color acquired 128СП, and tried in October, cold water. Impressions – awesome! Wobbler is great!

In two dimensions, in my opinion, 128th better. Leash to it better from a guitar string, a little more than the length of the crank. To strengthen the lure better to the winding ring.

And it would be good to immediately change the hooks to something better, I put the Owner, they are easier. It is possible to weight the bait before the 2nd ring adhesive lead. After that, improve the residual ripple of the crank after the breakthrough.

Work with lures 2 spinning rods from Major Craft Corkish Craft (7…28, 12…42 g). Cord 30 lb. Wiring: cast, pause (shorter in the summer, the autumn is longer), a light poke with the tip of a spinning (lure starts to swing the sides and will move a little), pause, then 2…3 kicks, again pause, potica, pause, easy poke. This is an option for autumn, when the water is cold. But it helps and in the summer, in July. Although summer is better than the aggressive jerks, kicks, action and of course pause.

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