The inspectors of fisheries have saved a drowning man

On April 26 the Department of state control, supervision and fishery protection in the Arkhangelsk region of North-Western territorial administration of Federal Agency for fishery was saved fell through the ice man.

The incident occurred directly opposite the harbour fisheries Inspectorate in Arkhangelsk near Talazhskoe highway. Who was that day in the institution, the inspectors drew attention to the man going on the unreliable spring ice, then fell into the icy water, trying in vain to get out.

All the inspection part of the fisheries rushed to help a drowning man, dangling a plastic boat and throwing a rope, which pulled a frightened and frozen man from the river Northern Dvina.

North-Western territorial administration of Federal fishery Agency is asking all citizens to be extremely cautious and not to go on the ice.

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