The Cup of Russia on fishing spinning from the shore

April 30 at the suburban pond “Saveleva-1” ended III Cup of Russia on fishing spinning from the shore in the team standings. The Cup was carried out in accordance with the official rules of the competition in the discipline “Fishing sport”. The Cup was attended by 19 teams from Moscow and Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, Republic of Mordovia, Krasnodar, Tver, Smolensk, and Rostov regions.

Under the rules, the tournament was able to take part anglers, with sports qualifications not lower than the 1st sport degree and age not less than 16 years. The account was conducted on the number of fish caught, as recorded by the judge in the area. To offset taken trout, whitefish, pike, perch, ASP without limit of size and perch measuring at least 15 cm As one of the winners – Denis Vikhrov – scoring perch catches have almost was not. Despite the fact that the pond regularly serebryatsya trout, took it rarely, in the catches dominated by small pike and have already become common in the ponds small perch.

Following two rounds of the Cup of Russia became the team “Moscow-3” (aka “Fishing Wizards South” ), consisting of: Dmitry Savin, Sergey Zhdanov Denis Vikhrov. The amount of places winners – 189.5. Only 3 points lost team “Moscow-1”. Third place – the team “St.-Petersburg-1”. The season of “liquid water” for athletes, spinning is just beginning, there awaits them a lot of important tournaments. Next – the Cup of Moscow and “Pal Trout” in the standings.

Photos of the winners from the site “Pro Anglers League”.

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