The action “Clean Bank – 2018” was launched

In Priozersk district of Leningrad region started the all-Russian action “Clean coast”, reports “Russian newspaper”. The event was opened by the representative of the President of Russia on environmental issues, ecology and transport Sergei Ivanov and emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov, reports the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations.

Sergei Ivanov noted that the event has been held for several years – the first action took place in 2014. A year ago it attracted more than 160 thousand volunteers.

Campaign “Clean coast” by itself does not solve the problem of clogging of the coastal zone, but at least it will draw attention and show a good example to the citizens, – said Vladimir Puchkov. – The culture of waste disposal has not yet developed in our country, and the more often will power, and the citizens themselves, to pay attention to this issue, the stronger the subconscious of people will be motivated desire not to litter.

According to him, over the past four years, the volunteers cleared 12 thousand ponds – that’s more than 14 thousand kilometers of coastline. Now the volunteers of the year clean twice the area than before – 5880 kilometers instead of the previous 2850.

After the ceremony, the officials personally participated in cleaning the shores of lake Ladoga.

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