Safety signs on the water

Reservoirs – high risk. So stay on them is regulated by the rules. The realization of the latter is carried out, in particular, emphatically on the banks of special signs that help people navigate the situation.

They are made rectangular with the dimensions of the sides 50 to 60 cm or more. Material – thick plywood, boards, sheet metal. Have signs in places clearly visible to the people. Mounted on poles installed in the ground. The above-ground part 2.5 meters.

The inscription on the plates perform paint – black, white. Their content complies with the requirements of the Rules of behavior on the water, the violation of which entails penalty.

The most common safety signs:

  • Bathing place : it is important to specify the boundaries of the site in meters; perform in a green frame; the inscription placed in the top, bottom image of a man swimming; post mounting plates white.
  • Place children : similar to previous, but instead of floating person shows two kids who are in the water.
  • The bathing of animals : everything from the first character, but the picture shows the floating dog.
  • Swimming is prohibited : the border is red, the plate is crossed with a stripe of this color diagonally down from left to right; the location of the inscription at the top; beneath it the image of a man swimming; to attract the attention of the pole plates painted red.
  • The transition (moving) ice is allowed : the area of the sign green, column white; the inscription in the middle.


  • Crossing (moving) on the ice is prohibited : all as previous, but the colour changed to red.


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