Fishing on a sand spit

Braid is one of the anomalies in the form of a strip of land within the bed of the river, extending from the coast and located in the direction of the fairway. She has narrow width, it is slightly raised above the surface of water. At the end of the spit enters the sand.

Braids in the tideway of the rivers are formed from different bulk materials due to their moving coastal currents and waves. In her body can be sand, shells, gravel or pebbles more often.

There are braids and the sea. In the event “guilty” is the sediment delivered from different sides. The direction of the sea KOs, usually perpendicular to the coast, and they have a name – arrow.

The spit is an interesting place for fishing. Especially those who have sand in their continuing length of 100…150 m and with differences of depths near 10…12 m plots on and near these shoals, located closer to the fairway and with a decent current, favorite places output walleye in the morning and evening hunt.

For pike too interested in any of these places, but located closer to the pens and not having virtually current. Remote part of the spit, where the joint movements are usually populated perch, sabrefish, small Chub. Bersh prefers pit near to the spit, and pens.

To fish summer braids is best early morning or in the evening, when predators are braid on the bill. Often, these exits are quick and do not exceed 30…40 min. But if you guess right time, to meet with so many predators, and such a small time is enough for good catches to be submitted 10…15 decent-sized fangs.

In March-April on the spit flocks going chehon, but prefers places with no strong current. Her presence, if there is a wintering pit, which is experiencing a cold som is the main source of output for the same meta mustachioed river giant. In the same period, before spawning, it also has the concentration of bream. The most interesting thing in their flocks there are individuals that are the same size and age.

Does not go past CBS and carp. The mass output of it here occurs in August-September. But it happens, if the street is cloudy and warm weather and always immediately after the last rain.

Fishing for walleye on the sandbar

Sediments of sand and pebbles, stretching from the shore to the waterway – of the most popular places to hunt for walleye. A special place in fishing for Fang is hunting at night. And she, as should be the practice of many anglers can be successful until the ice.

Sandbar convenient for fishing by night by the fact that their surface is completely open, therefore safe for the movement for responsible attitude to the process. Although, if you wish, you can always find a place with a deep chest and create yourself some problems.

Walleye in the evening until late at night on spits can be found in typical places that he does not leave the entire period June-October. Oblasova them spinning from a far distance using, for example, spinners-kastmaster, you can always count on the loot. At the same time you will not even need a certain experience – the hunt for fanged at such points, the power of even the novice spinner.

Despite the openness and availability throughout the territory of the spit can surprise us when neglect of the process. If possible, is to ask local anglers about the presence of a small but dangerous recesses with a soft, almost fluid sand along their edges. If not, in warm weather, guests can explore the surrounding area of the spit with a dip. Subsequently you will definitely know the point of fishing at night and benchmarks that you can use.

The catchability for walleye on the braids are the pits that are usually located in sandy sediments. In addition to them is to sh in the edge of the spit – above and below (downstream).

Fishing technique

First, you can begin to oblaivanie top portion of the spit on which the current, which prevents the shoal changes direction and becomes slower. Casts cover the area of the entire compressed stream, making them fan. In addition to the transaction itself should run the lure on the demolition, trying to do so that he was longer at the drop-off shallows on its border.

Search for the production of the lure, change the lure on kastmaster and begin the same area of the comb, performing long casts. Wiring use step. The pace and the weight of the bait you should choose to pause after spool drag, she was parusel, falling to the bottom, 2…3 seconds.

At the beginning of the braids are often found creeks with small depths. They are not to be missed, especially in the areas separating the reverse current and calm water. But their mid can hope for a meeting with pike. She attacks at night Wobbler, especially if you spend it not far from her. Creek a small size, because their harvest is spent some time. But the catch for you can be very pleasant. If you can’t find perch, you can win a good ASP.

If, treating the upper section of the braid, you are left without a catch for the next fishing choose a place below the Bayou. Of course, if there are popular among your spit. If and then you will be disappointed, do not despair and go to the lower and middle parts of it. The first usually has sandy swept “language” that crosses over at an angle. The second is typical of sandy sediments. Near them, on the part of the flow, and need to catch in the first place.

Well, if perch going to spit, is given its presence by a characteristic spikes in certain places. In this case you have to sh in these areas. Usually Fang can wait no longer and begins to attack your bait without letting it move deep into the water or even rest on the surface of the water after splashdown.

If at night everything is calm and walleye in no way betrays its presence near the spit, you will have to look for him, changing places after futile obnovovani. The main thing is not to throw stupid Wobbler or kastmaster in the same area, hoping for some kind of an accident, and move, throwing bait in other promising locations.

The output of pike perch to the spit night affected by many factors. One is the fluctuation of the water level. The best results are always if the latter would be stable for at least a couple days before your going fishing. Efficient the point of the spit justifies its name and the raising of the water level, although the intensity of the walleye bites can be low.

Weather and time

The influence of weather conditions on good intensity of biting fanged night is:


– stable pressure, moderate breeze, which subsides before the onset of night;
– established weather, dense clouds and the presence of a small light coming from the horizon the sun or moon appearing from behind the clouds.



– a good bite walleye fishermen happy in the middle regions in June; and almost immediately after sunset;

– September ALGID water and quiet weather can “give” you Zander biting more than half the night, starting at 21: 00.

Perch fishing on a sand spit in winter

Flocks perch in the shallow waters of the spit are from the beginning of pervolakia until around mid-December. Then they move to the deeper (2 to 3 m) space, often in bays that are on both sides of the spit. Large, humpback individuals truly need to look deeper – at 6-foot or more drop offs.

Sometimes you can stumble upon more settled pack, which all winter never leaves the uplands and near Svalov braids. Fresh from her whales differ from other bluish-gray color.

If perch goes on the shallow points at the spit, this happens most often at dawn. He stays there until ten o’clock or a little longer. Later, he slips into deep space, remaining there until the following dawn.

From the observations of fishermen:

– at the beginning of the winter period to look for perch you need on the spit;

– on the spit is expected to appear striped by March; there they are to the beginning of April;

in the morning you should catch perch 0.5…1.5-meter depths in the afternoon and in the evening – on the slopes that are located on 2…2.5 m under water.


Popular baits for perch on the spit among fishermen – rockers and spinners. If you are a lover mormyshkas fishing, or prefer, for example, rattlin, silicone on jig-heads, too, can easily catch them in places and without a catch of perch will remain.

Among the rockers and spinners choice like this:

– balance weights alavista in shallow waters; their best colors under okushko; size 2.5 to 6 cm;

– spinners preferable in deep places; colors – silver, definitely brilliant; the size is the same as for beams.

Fishing technique

Go catch on the spit in winter you can in the morning, even before dawn. Drilling in promising locations are best from three wells. Also you can do it and moving to another place. This will allow you to quickly find fish and, most importantly, less noise in the future.

One of the holes, which immediately suggest to sh that is not washed completely, and choose a scoop chunks of ice larger ice all the fines left in place. The other two holes to fall asleep.

Trying less noise, lower the balancer in the hole. The first wiring is performed from the bottom with a flourish, raising at once the bait by 40…50 cm Is possible to attract the bass that are even far from the place of fishing. Later, posting the following:

– the balancer is lowered to the bottom and wait about 10 sec.;

– throw the bait up to 5…10 cm and stop it on pause, which lasts for 5…6 sec.;

after all, repeat, all the while picking up a balancer to the ice;

– then again omit the bait to the bottom and after 10…12 seconds. rest it start the game, which is similar mormyshkas; it consists in the frequent small vibrations of the balance weight with lift-lowering it over the bottom within 5…10 cm.

If the bite dies, you should try to change the balancer.

In the shallow waters of KOs with depths of up to 1…1.2 m bass is usually kept close to the bottom and gets the feeling of playing in this water layer. In the water column and close to the surface to catch it a rarity. On the deepest places that happens often.

When hunting perch on the braids on the balancer often pay attention to small pike. It is therefore advisable in a snap using a leash. Although its presence markedly reduces the catches of perch in the shallows.

Trolling perch on the braids, you can perform any okuneye lures. In accordance with their features to perform a particular transaction.

Catching fish on a sandbar

For ASP sandbar of the favorite habitats. This is due to the presence here of a large number of whites, which is food for the predator.

Catching fish difficult. Fish has excellent vision and noticing you, more often than not will pay attention to you throw artificial lures, preferring these fishes. The problem can be solved by hiding or hunting for a predator from a great distance.

Caught the fish on a compact bait. If the braid is often visited by fishermen, the predator may not respond to any nozzles. In this case, the working can be posted the snap with a very small lure (spinner, Twister, gcca), which seemed to hover in the water. Weight for it is usually bombard or ” ASP ” baubles.

A good option for catching of a predator in the middle or upper layers of water is tandem baits composed of kastmaster and streamer. Do the snap-in as follows:

– take a thick cut manolescu, tied to the end of kastmaster;

– step back half a meter and doing the site; it features a swivel;

departing 3 cm, knit the additional node (if the nodes on both sides of the swivel on fishing line strung a few beads);

to the swivel tie on a short leash; make it from monolescu;

by the end of the leash is attached a streamer that fit on double or tee No. 4…No. 6.


Throw bait away at the time of landing slow down, trying to reduce the noise of their landing. Wiring spinners are doing differently:

– for ASP, which frolics in the upper layers of the water, the best is high-speed wiring;

– when fishing the middle water layers apply the step transaction.


Home ” ASP ” bait – lures with an elongated body. The best results are spoons, though sometimes to the chopper predator responds well. Among the most popular lures – kastmaster and its various variations from famous manufacturers.


Special attention should be given to the tackle line. It is best to put the braided line. It is thinner, therefore not so alarming predator is stronger, which allows even a thin rope to draw out decent copies without fear of breakage.


Author: V. A. N.


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